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Chuckykillr's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 9 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 140 Points


SOLDIER Unlocked 6/3/15
5 Points
Kill one enemy
MERCENARY Unlocked 6/3/15
10 Points
kill 50 enemies
CHAMPION Unlocked 6/3/15
50 Points
beat game once
MERCHANT Unlocked 6/3/15
50 Points
score over 10000 points
GUNFIGHTER 25 Points make 100 shots
SUPERHERO 100 Points get all stars

Medals Earned: 4/6 (115/240 points)

Dracula Boom

Bitten Unlocked 10/20/15
5 Points
Loose any level
First Vampire Unlocked 10/20/15
5 Points
First Vampire
First Castel 25 Points Pass all levels of the first castle
Second Castel 25 Points Pass all levels of the second castle
Goodbye Dracula 50 Points Goodbye Dracula
Halfway 50 Points Complete half levels
Third Castel 50 Points Pass all levels of the third castle
How Van Helsing 100 Points Pass all levels and collect all crystal skulls

Medals Earned: 2/8 (10/310 points)

Sheen's Drug Trip

Crouch Unlocked 4/1/15
5 Points
Press down or S when on the ground
Helluva drug Unlocked 4/1/15
5 Points
Watch the first part of the intro
To the rescue! Unlocked 4/1/15
5 Points
Watch the second part of the intro
BOSS FIGHT!!! 5 Points Watch the boss intro
Continue? 5 Points Come back to life
Don't crush my smokes 5 Points Watch the ending
Withdrawal 5 Points Reach the end without enough cigarettes
Tiger blood 10 Points Eat a baby
Firefighter 25 Points Put out 150 flames
Untouchable 100 Points Defeat Chuck Norris without taking damage

Medals Earned: 3/10 (15/170 points)


Ace of Spades Unlocked 4/3/16
5 Points
Get a single spade in a spin
HUGE LOSER! Unlocked 4/3/16
10 Points
Lose all your credits.
Three's Company Unlocked 4/3/16
10 Points
Win with three hearts.
Too Wild 5 Points Get two wilds in a single spin.
10k 25 Points Reach $10,000 in credit.
Four's a Crowd 25 Points Win with four angry faces.
Good Signal! 25 Points Win with 5 rows of platinum bars.
Keep it 100 25 Points Get 100 spins in a single game.
Six Dollar Burger 50 Points Win with 6 rows of cash.
Jackpot!!!! 100 Points Win the Jackpot
Lucy in the Sky 100 Points Win with 7 rows of diamonds

Medals Earned: 3/11 (25/380 points)